Bring nature into your life

in a colorful way!

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Why art in your home or office:

  • Art pulls your room together turning your house into a cozy feet-up kind of home.

  • Color compliments the energy you crave and thrive in

  • Paintings set your mood ... from tranquilty to pizazz

  • Art captures and extends memories for you and your guests

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I'm Kate,
Let me pull your room together with color!

... from kaleiscopic birch trees
to sand-between-your-toes shorelines

Make your house a 'home' with art.

What Clients Say:

"My painting is right at home here - only regret is not having it brighten up our home sooner."

Debra S, Holland, Michigan

“I have one of Kate’s original paintings in my great room. Looking at it is like a glass of wine at the end of the day!”

Connie V, Holland, Michigan.

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