Why do you paint?

How can I be sure I love it enough to buy it?


To be sure it's "love at first buy," you only need ONE of these three reasons:

1.    Does the painting spark a memory, reminding you of happiness from years gone by?

2.    Does it make you smile and your heart feel lighter?

3.    Do the colors bring you peace? Are you refreshed by the greens, or do you feel comforted by commonality of beige and browns?

How do you ship the art?

Unframed original watercolors are shipped flat in a box or rolled in a tube.

Stretched canvases of oil paints are shipped flat. I prefer to use a local freight company, The Shipping Department, to pack and ship.· They will build the protected box, and select the most efficient carrier. A quote can be obtained before we finalize your purchase.   

Very large canvases have to be un-stretched, and then the linen canvas is sent the rolled. On arrival, the canvas needs to be professionally re-stretched.


Do I frame an oil painting?


Oil canvas can be painted with a 1.5" depth and hung without a frame for a clean look.

In high humid geographical areas stretched canvas is preferred to be framed to prevent the canvas from warping.

Framing is always acceptable to enhance the aesthetic quality of the art.

How do I frame a watercolor?

Watercolors are painted on paper and will need to be framed. 


UV glass is recommended to preserve the archival quality of the watercolor.


The function of matting is to get the glass away from the art, and helps prevent
moisture build up.

Will you frame the painting for me?


Certainly. I will use the service of a local custom frame shop professional.

Most of my paintings are framed in a simple black frame, letting the art take center stage.

The price varies according to the size of the art.

Two additional weeks are needed to hire this service.

The frame will make the painting larger which increases the shipping fees.
Simply ask me for a quote!