Is it OK to match your art to your home décor
and colors?

Yes! Let me share why. Perhaps blue, for example, really turns your head. It’s your favorite. In fact, when you think about it, the color of that car in your driveway? Blue. That “power suit” you just had to have? Yep. More than likely you will surround yourself with a few particular colors and shades that bring you comfort. You can certainly do the same with your art, too!


Do you do commission work?​

Yes. Love to! I often “co-create” custom, personalized pieces. I am very comfortable with having color-and-theme conversations about a commissioned work. The goal is to flaunt your personality by creating a painting that tells your story, elevates your mood. I'm a great listener and I'm certain I can capture your taste in color and style. 


How big can you paint?

I can obtain watercolor paper on a huge roll ... so I've done four feet by fifteen feet long! Fun, fun, fun!

Linen canvases for oil paints can be "stretched" (fitted to a frame) to five feet by ten feet! Gotta love colossal!


Do I frame it?

Watercolors are painted on paper and will need to be framed. I can select a frame to fit your taste and home decor. The function of the mat board is to prevent the glass from touching the art, preventing moisture from building up.
Oil canvas can be painted with a 1.5" depth, and hung without a frame for a clean look. It is frameable if you choose. The purpose of a frame is to give the stretched canvas additional strength to prevent it from warping.
Can you ship it?

Yes! I use the Shipping Company in my hometown, Holland, Michigan where each piece is packed with love ... and insured.