Express yourself in colors that draw out your personality with a custom painting

  • I can harmonize with your existing art.

  • I can unify with your home decor style.

  • I can frame it if you're unsure.



1. Choose your subject: 

birch shadow water_edited.jpg
Beach Made for You Coastal Cools.jpg

Birch Trees

Beach Scene

Birds 2 Society 6.jpg
tulip 8x8 multi



Unsure of the details? Need more ideas?

I can create a slide show of sample art for you to view, making your decision effortless. 

2. Choose your colors:
I work off your fabric and paint samples to get the color match you desire.
Winters Dust Fabric-Paint chip match_edi

3. Choose your size: (or let me help)

Small (18 x 24") = $1100
Medium (24 x 36") = $1800

Large (36 x 48") = $3,300

Spacious (40 x 60”) = $5,600

4. Proof your painting

View your painting in progress, and suggest any details you'd like changed.

  • If you prefer more blue, I can do that!

  • Less trees, no problem.

I'll help you define your story and personal style by creating a showstopper that suits just you, elevates your home, and sweeps you into a scene that lets you escape to your place of joy.

"Kate was wonderful to work with, humble, focused and timely in how she handled our project. 

From the first moment, I knew she wanted to create something that would not only fit into the feel of our home but also be a painting that our family would enjoy for years to come. 

I have had several people see the painting and the first thing they say is, 'Oh, Kristen - that's so you!' Kate nailed it!"

Kristen Wisen

Bird custom Fiest ware wip narrow Kate_e
Ready to Order Yours?

Step 1: 
Speak to me directly or tell me below what you’re looking for.

I'll get the details I need to make your piece perfectly suited to the room you have in mind.



Step 2: 
Once the payment is received, your custom painting will be created to bring beauty and make memories for years to come.