Two Upcoming Events!

My studio is humming with activity as I prep for these two NEW events coming up May 7-8 and May 20:

1. Tulip Time Artisan Outdoor Market

Saturday, May 7, 10am – 5pm

Sunday, May 8, 12pm – 5pm

It’s been 25 years since I weathered an art fair.


Although I retired from the art-fair-circuit when we moved to Holland, Michigan to open our retail art gallery and frame shop, I packed my outdoor fair equipment ... just in case.


Art fairs were the back-up plan if our retail dreams didn't prosper. Personally, the last thing I wanted to do was return to the life of hauling art, setting up make-shift sales offices, and anchoring racks and tents to be wind-proof worthy.


Gladly, I sold the equipment the following year.

However, as the winner of this year’s Tulip Time poster contest, I’ve been invited to participate in

The Artisan Market May 7-8 (click here for details).

I'll be set up alongside Tulip Time's booth that will be stocked with merchandise of Giclee Prints, posters, mugs, coaters, magnets and more.


In my booth, I'll have a tent-full of my small originals, a handful of large paintings, printed notecards, hand-painted journals, stickers, and a few hand-made notecards.

It's only for Tulip Time I'm coming out of Art Fair Retirement.

Mark this never-to-happen-age FREE event on your calendar!

Bismarck chevette.JPG
bursting with color lo res sq.jpg

Tulip Time 2022 winning poster

Birch, tulip, collection art fair product.jpg

My booth filled with paintings, cards, journals

2. Solo Show: What I Learned From Picasso

Kate’s new 35+ piece solo collection debuts

at the Holland Area Arts Council

Open reception Friday, May 20  5:30 - 7:30pm

150 E 8th Street, Holland, Michigan

May 19 – July 5, 2022

A deconstruction of birch trees, tulips, and other farmer's market wonders

Inspired by Picasso’s eleven lithographs, “The Bull,” a series where Picasso strips away the animal’s details to its essential form, I chose to do the same, taking my signature birch tree from a detailed study to its simplest form in 15 paintings, while continuing to capture the ‘spirit’ of the tree.​

Kate's Arts Council Art birch 02-24-2022 - low res.JPG

Captivated with the breakdown process, I expanded beyond the birch tree to include the deconstruction of her palette knife oil painting, "Bountiful Farmer's Market," to be unveiled at the show.

A sampling of other flowers are included below.

Tulip floral collage Arts Council - low res.jpg

"It’s an honor to give color and art back to the world.”

The event is free.

Holland Area Arts Council

150 E 8th Street

Holland, Michigan

Open reception Friday, May 20  5:30 - 7:30pm