Is it OK to match your art to your home décor?

Yes! Let me share why. Perhaps blues, for example, really turn your head. They’re your favorite. In fact, when you think about it, the color of that car in your driveway? Cool blue. That “power suit” you just had to have? Yep. More than likely you will surround yourself with a few particular colors and shades that bring you comfort. You can certainly do the same with your art, too!

How can I be sure I love it enough to buy it?

To be sure it's "love at first buy," you only need ONE of these three reasons:

  1. Does the painting spark a memory, reminding you of happiness from years gone by?

  2. Does it make you smile and your heart feel lighter?

  3. Do the colors bring you peace? Are you refreshed by the greens, or do you feel comforted by commonality of beige and browns?


Do you do commission work?

Yes. Love to! I often “co-create” custom, personalized pieces. I am very comfortable with having color-and-theme conversations about a commissioned work. The goal is to fit the aesthetic needs of your residential space or office environment. Working with key fabric and paint samples is a big help, too. 


How big can you paint?

I can obtain watercolor paper in a huge roll … so I’ve done four feet tall by fifteen feet long! Fun, fun, fun!


Linen canvases for oil paints can be “stretched” (fitted to a frame) to five feet by eighteen yards! Gotta love colossal!

Can you ship it?


  • Giclee prints are sent rolled.

  • Unframed original watercolors are shipped flat.

  • Stretched canvases of oil paints are shipped flat. However, on very large canvases I have upstretched the linen and sent the art rolled. On arrival the canvas needs to be professionally re-stretched.

  • I prefer to use a local freight company, The Shipping Department, to pack and ship.· they will build the protected box, and select the most efficient carrier. A quote can be obtained before we finalize your purchase.      


Is it framed?

Giclees prints and watercolors are painted on paper and will need to be framed. I prefer you select your frames to fit your taste and home decor.

Oil canvas can be painted with a 1.5" depth, and hung without a frame for a clean look. It is frameable if you choose.

Is it returnable?

Yes! We'll agree at the beginning that your request is returnable. Then live with the art for a week, and if you need to return the piece, I will gladly refund your payment.


Can we schedule a face-time chat?

Yes! If it’s a work I have “in house,” simply tell me which piece you’re interested in, and I’ll get it ready. I can hang the artwork in a mock-room setting and be prepared to tell you the ins and outs of how and why I created the piece.