3 Simple Tips to put Jazz in Your Home Decor or Art

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Tip 1. Pay attention to color value to punch up your decor or art

Put pizzazz in your decorating by paying attention to color-value (the lightness and darkness of a color.)

For example, black is the darkest value while white is the lightest value.

Notice below how the contrast of dark, rich black against clean, crisp white gives you a lot of punch.

The same value contrast impacts the art below. The bright white birch trees stand out in front of the rich evergreen pines.

If you want LESS punch than above try using different colors but with the SAME value.

Below are three different colors of pillows, all with the SAME value.

An easy way to evaluate if your items have the same value is take a snapshot with your cell phone. Then turn the photo into a black and white image. The colors with the same value will ALL appear the same shade of gray.

To add the WOW and pop to your decor, bring in a color value that is lighter or darker in value.

Tip 2. Punch up your decor or art with symmetry, and then a bit of variety.

You can also capture a WOW moment in your home or art by using repetition mixed with a touch of discord.

It’s easy to do, just repeat, repeat, repeat, and then add POW!

Notice in the photograph below that the cluster of orange objects are the perfect background to contrast the punch of the dark blue bottle. It's 3:1 ratio of orange to blue.

The same 3:1 ration of repeat, repeat, repeat, POW works in the art below. The yellow leaves against the light blue sky are three times greater than the one corner of yellow leaves against dark contrast giving the art the POW!

Tip 3. Jazz up your art or punch up your decor with pattern

Get the drams you crave and punch-up your decor by using large and small patterns. Below the high-contrasting value, big pattern (macro) pillow stands out, adding drama against the two small scale (micro) patterns in your home.

In the art below, the small grid squares of the handmade paper subtly adds texture. The large (macro) blue leaf adds the punch and drama to this mixed media painting.

In the art below, micro, small leaves add texture in an understated way. The large (macro) violet leaf adds the punch and drama to this mixed media.

Add Punch to Your Home Decor or Jazz Up your Art

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