5 Fun Emotional Benefits of Dogs and Art

Updated: Jun 3

A dog's unconditional love is undeniable. Add their 'pack' instinct, and it makes their loyalty unbeatable. Art is as loyal and will love you as unconditionally.

5 upbeat perks of dogs and art.

1. Art and Dogs Make Memories

If you've had a dog in your life, I bet you can tell me the exact year it was. Without hesitation, I can rattle off all three of my childhood dogs with a story for each.

Art has the same memories. Instantly it can take you back to a favorite place, perhaps the tranquility of your favorite childhood fishing hole or lake.

2. They both says things that words can't

A dog's thumping tail and eyes locked on you from under their furry fringe sends a clear message, just as art can radiate similar kindred emotions.

3. Both make you feel less stress

Petting a familiar dog lowers blood pressure and heart rate, slows breathing, and relaxes muscle tension almost immediately.

Whereas, gazing at art can have a calming effect, too. Try it. Let your mind wander and escape into the scene below and the soothing colors.

4. Art and Dogs Make You Smile

Laughing is a natural energy booster.

I have vacuum handle chewed to a rough and gnarled state from a puppy's visit to my house. Yet, every time I wrap a kitchen towel around it so I can use it without hurting my hand, I smile, pushing the vacuum with more vigor.

Art, too, adds laughter. I created this greeting card series, Birch Banter, solely for that reason.

Humorous cartoon greeting card of dog and birch tree makes you laugh by Kate Moynihan artist
Laughing releases endorphins—our feel-good hormone.

5. With Art and Dogs, You’re Less Likely to be Depressed

The need to feed and walk a dog gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. And by forcing you to leave the house every day, the dog encourages a sense of purpose in you.

Whereas the dog stimulates your get-up-and-go, art can take you places, too. A radiant sunset lets your worries melt right along with the sinking sun.

Even the colors in art will get you rolling. Take red. The color of energy, vigor. Yellow, too, is lively and full of energy. I have an 8-part series on Color Psychology if you want to dive deeper. into color.

Presently, I don't own a dog, but I'm quick to borrow my grand-dog, Ginger, despite the fact it's a 6 am wake-up call. She plops her head eye-level to my pillow, and quietly hovers. If I don't respond within a minute, it's a thunderous ruff, and a slick lick on the kisser for me. My face splits into a smile, and I roll out of bed. Unconditional love goes both ways.

So if you don't own a dog. Borrow one. Although I list 5 reasons ... the benefits are endless.

Same is true with art.

Borrow some art: Simply email me for a free birch screensaver here. Just type: screensaver, and I'll download you an image.

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