5 Reasons Home Décor is Important to Your Well-being and Relieve Stress

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I hustled to the dentist. I was running late as my mom's eyeglass appointment ran long. On our way, she handed me an express library book. “We’ve got to return this today, or there’ll fine me.” I nodded, adding this action item to my list I had to complete today.

Do you ever feel your life is a mix of darting from one place to another?

Until you get home.

Yes, you may still have dinner to make, laundry to fold. But you’re that much closer to the joys your home brings. Your dog licking your face … a light-hearted comedy on TV … a hot bath before bed …

5 Reasons Why home décor is important for

... your health ... your peace-of-mind

1. Investing in home décor means investing in yourself

Your home is where your life happens.

It creates a background to enhance your comfort.

When your home is visually appealing and enriching, it allows for inspiration, creativity, even meditation. This restful place opens up your mind for contemplation, contentment. It makes you smile and feel uplifted, giving you a feeling of accomplishment and confidence.

2. Relieves your stress

Coming home should be like a breath of fresh air that instantly satisfies and replenishes your soul, giving you a taken-care-of feeling. When you utilize the full potential of all your spaces you can reach optimism aesthetically and physical contentment.

Take color. Color creates a mood. For example, blue is the color of sky and water – the restful elements in nature. Using a soft blue in a bedroom can ease you into a tranquil state. You can calm a space with such a quiet color scheme.

Architectural design lines in your home can enhance a serene environment. Think of the effect of a peaceful sunset across the horizon. Horizontal lines can create a soothing place to decompress, perhaps choosing Wainscot paneling or wall paper with this linear feel.

Don’t forget art. It can make you feel something. Art can let you escape to a restful place. A painting of your lake cottage in the early spring when the ice skims the quiet lake and the trillium blooms. Or the wide-open spaces that invite you to get lost in the tranquil setting.

3. Your home décor speaks for you

We talked color and lines to create a mood to fit your personality.

Let’s mention the rooms a bit more.

Are you an introvert, and need a reading nook. No room? I had a friend convert a walk-in closet. Think beyond the traditional lay-out of your house. Make your home comfort you.

Or are you an extrovert? Do you crave a big family table to gather around, yet your kitchen extends right into the living room? Consider an expandable table. Some sofa tables convert to seat 12! Put your couch on casters, push it aside, unfold the table, and enjoy!

4. Quality home décor can last a lifetime

Furnishing your home should enhance your comfort and your life. With quality comes durability.

Your home is meant to be used, lived in, enjoyed.

Choosing to invest in quality will allow you peace of mind in knowing you’re leaving lumpy cushions behind, or upholstery too difficult to clean. Your back will thank you for giving it the support it needs. I always feel better when I spend my money wisely on quality.

In addition to the practicality of quality, the longevity creates attachment. Having painted for 30 years, often I’m told how much joy a piece of my art has brought them over the years.

"My late husband, Donald, commissioned a large birch painting for our living room. One thing I love about it is the variety of color allows it to be timeless, relevant with changes in room color. It also has a path through the trees that encourages wonder - Linda Milanowski

5. Create your own ‘wow’ factor and be refreshed in your home

Interesting items add depth and dimension to your home and to your mind. Let your mind wander as you view the interesting shapes … interesting art.


When you let your mind roam, the world around you disappears and you're perfectly focused. It feels like you're on autopilot. Nothing can go wrong. Thoughts, solutions, new ideas comes naturally with no friction. No effort.

Athletes call it "being in the zone." Artists call it "the muse." Psychologists today have given it an official name: Flow.

Your ‘wow’ can be subtle or dynamic. It’s your home so let it make you happy, refreshed, and relaxed in your own unique way.

Making your home yours, is satisfying and improves your sense of well- being. The most important reason for designing your home – YOU DESERVE IT!

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