5 Ways to Jazz Up a Glass Bowl

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Throw in texture and focus on variety: that’s the key! 1. Feeling sunny? Wad up a silk floral pick and nestle the delicate petals with the hard edge of fruit. Yellow lemons and lilies: same color but great contrast.

2. Want something bright? Try smooth, shiny balls mingled with coarse seashells. For color harmony the shells are spray painted peacock blue.

3. Wrapped yarn balls with their thick rope-like quality anchors the smaller, smooth, soft fabric felt balls. As an extra perk, the felt balls are sold as “pet toys” so when you’re tired of the arrangement, simply pass them along to a purr-loving feline.

4. Is your bowl too big? Fill it with a bag of beans and then nestle in candles.

5. Painted pinecones are a big bold success: still rough with texture yet full of zing with their unexpected color.

If you paint your own I advise one critical step:

FIRST paint your pine cones with a spray primer. It seals the porous pine cone and the bright white surface lets your finished layer of paint glow radiantly. Another hint: spray inside a box – it contains the over spray.