Change Home Décor for the Season or Motivation? – Perhaps Both will Inspire You!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

4 Benefits of Change in Your Home

Spending money on changing your decor can seem lavish, even reckless. After all, do you really NEED a new piece of art, or different accent pillows?

However, have you ever thought about this: Living a fulfilling life can cost money!

Such as:

- Enjoying an elegant dinner, sipping refined wine

- Investing in running shoes with better arch supports

- Indulging in a new, oh-so-soft, Angora sweater

- Taking a winter break to someplace warm

These experiences

  • make us feel good

  • create memories

  • let us enjoy life to the fullest

So what about your home?

Having a home that looks and feels good is good for you and your family, too.

-Your home is a place that provides you with centering—a place from which you leave each morning and return each evening, feeling safe as you put your head down at night.

-Your home provides control, belonging, identity, and privacy.

-Pride in your home prompts you to invite friends and family over more often, building a lifetime of memories.

By loving your home, you’re embracing your surroundings.

Add change into the mix, and your home becomes:

  • Inspiring

  • Invigorating

  • Motivating

4 Benefits of Change in Your Home

1. Fresh Starts

A study from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, known as the “Fresh Start Effect”, found that timed landmarks are motivators in achieving goals. The author surmises "that milestones allow you to leave the past behind, and then strive to succeed at this ‘Fresh Start.’”

Think: New Year resolutions.

Or making a goal by your next birthday.

Landmarks spark enthusiasm.

Changing the artwork or décor in your home at a time that correlates to a landmark provides a tangible, visual effect, reinforcing the “fresh start” feeling, thereby motivating and invigorating you.

2. Seasonal Color

Oh! How color affects us. It can lift our mood, our mindset, our life!

We all have personal preferences to particular colors, driven primarily by personal experiences and memories.

A study suggests as The Seasons Change, So Do Our Color Preferences

You may favor the serenity of cool blues, but as seasons rotate you can be energized to respond to nature's new palette.

Color psychology explores the study of how color affects you. Click here for my Color Psychology blog post.

3. Seasonal Texture

Texture is not only picked up by our sense of touch, but with our eyes too!

Texture tells our brain… rough, hot, cool, fuzzy, smooth, shiny, chunky.

It's a subliminal seasonal message!

Light and airy Spring makes you want to open the windows and hear the birds sing.

Texture engages the senses: soft, hard ... smooth, rough

Autumn and winter are all about cozy texture: wool blankets, lush velvet pillows, thick sweaters. It's the season you find yourself cocooning – wrapping yourself in more layers as you react to the changing season.

Texture is powerful, read more on this blog post: The Importance of Texture

4. Seasonal Elements

What's your favorite holiday?

As you choose, your mind instantly flashes to fond memories. Dad dressed up as Santa. Fireworks exploding. Hundreds of colorful Easter eggs strewn throughout the backyard ready to hunt.

Positive Memories Increase Positive Emotions, sights the Best Brain.

Using seasonal elements in your home decor and art reduces anxiety and strengthens mental health.

Garden sun-lady brings summer delight inside!

A simple seasonal element reflects sweet memories of kids singing: 'Trick or Treat,' instantly uplifts the mood in your home

4 Benefits of Change in Your Home ... why rotating art and home decor is more meaningful than you might think!

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