What a City Girl and a Chicken Have in Common

I grew up in the Detroit suburban sprawl of Redford Township.

My dad's cousin owned a farm, and every harvest we'd pile into our 1961 Chevy Impala and headed to Ohio.

What do I remember the most?

The chickens.

In October, they'd shed fistfuls of feathers, making them look worst than Mom's scraggly and matted morning bed-head.

Lucky for me, during this shedding season, chickens don't lay eggs so my tender, nine-year-old hands were spared from getting pecked since I didn't have to poke under a hen's privates.

Interesting enough, there's a reason for this season of dormancy. It's a chance for chickens to build up their nutrients so they can strut a fresh flock of feathers for winter warmth, and start laying eggs again.

This instinctive self-care revitalizes and refuels them.

Where are you in your self-care cycle?

"Daybreak" - Original Oil by Kate Moynihan

I'm lucky that my profession is my self-care.

When I paint I'm:

  • at ease

  • centered

  • patient

  • kind

  • determined

  • stimulated

  • motivated

  • challenged

  • courageous

  • confident

  • venturous

  • bold

  • blessed

  • thankful

"In the Shadows" - Original Oil by Kate Moynihan

Of course, art in your home provides self-care comfort, too.


  • Takes you places ... to the shoreline where the water licks and laps your toes

  • Captures a memory ... the rustle of wind through the birch branches at Lake Charlevoix

  • Stimulates a mood ... gigantic puffy clouds scoop your worries away

  • Makes you feel ... soothing blues settle your spinning mind

  • Invites conversation and sparks connection ...

  • Infuses your personality into your home ...

"Quiet Reflections" - Original by Kate Moynihan

My wish for you is to find your own method of self-care. Art in your home is never selfish, it gives, and gives, and gives.
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