Let Water Soothe You, Relax You ... in Nature, in Your Home, in Your Art

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

5 Benefits of water, be it: fountains, rivers, lakes, streams, oceans ... even sounds

Pond verses Lake ... here's my story. 


Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

I did when I met Lake Michigan.

Growing up in the hub of Detroit, I spent summers frolicking in swimming pools. Then in my college years I met the Big Lake with all its vastness and glimmering glory. Instantly I was mesmerized.

Years later I moved to Douglas in southwestern Michigan several blocks from the enchanting Lake Michigan. Daily, whenever I walked down to the lake, I was captivated by the lake’s calming beauty.

It was at that time I met my friend, Karol, who had a pond in front of her home. She would rave about her pond: “We pumped the paddle boat today,” … “The kids dragged nets to scoop minnows.” Every day, every season, Karol had new praise for her beloved pond.

As she boasted, I silently smirked about her over-the-top pond infatuation. How could a spit-across pond compete with the endless serenity of Lake Michigan’s mile-after-mile open water?

Then I moved.   

Downsizing to a condo … with a pond!   

The first morning a low fog kissed the water. The golden sun rose and turned a vicious, vibrant orange, setting fire to the sunrise. A breeze picked up and the misty air cleared. As the sun peeked higher, the sky grew bluer. The glistening mirror-like water reflections filled me with tranquility.

Hourly the pond changed color, texture and patterns. Karol was right. Magnificence doesn’t come in size! Water is the beauty. Don’t you agree? 

What is it about water that makes us feel less stress and better health?

"To be honest, it's still a mystery," says Mathew White, an environmental psychologist at the University of Exeter.

Although the scientific reason seems to be evasive, here are the results:

5 Benefits of Water

Water brings you to a calmer, more meditative state, slowing your brainwaves.

The way water and sound interact produce an overwhelming sense of mental tranquility to give you:

  • more mental energy and alertness

  • feelings of well-being

  • enhances daydreaming which produces the best problem-solving mindset, improving creativity.

  • reduces depression

  • induces better sleep

Does a water scene in ART bring you to a calmer place, too?


Click this link: 4 Mental Health Benefits of viewing art - by Society 6.

If you’re seeing red, feeling angry, anxious, and stressed, don’t despair. Leave this 'red space,' and enter a 'blue space' - water!

5 Ways to Incorporate water into your daily life:

  • Install a water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall

  • Pamper yourself with a home foot bath, bubble bath, or a visit to a day-spa

  • Listen to the sounds of water before sleeping

  • Plan a day trip, weekend, or vacation to a pool, beach, lake, ocean!

  • Buy a water scene piece of art!

I hope you find a way to let water soothe you!

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