Small Art = Big Impact in your Home Decor and Personality

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

If your room is on the smaller side, you might focus on picking out small, impactful pieces that match the scale of your tinier space.

Matching small scale unifies your home's proportion and balance.

By placing proportionately sized art to your space you'll maintain the scale of the room, with the bonus of adding interest.

Discover the enjoyment of a balanced room, and at the same time be enchanted as these small areas of art placement turn into an oasis of reverie.

original oil birch landscape by Kate Moynihan at Allison Dempkey home
Art is the perfect relaxer for computer eye strain.

Small art = big impact

The calm mood continues with more cool blues. These colors of sky and water are restful and give a feeling of relaxation. Do these colors fit your personality?

On the dinning table below, the small painting is the perfect size to fit alongside the place setting.

Remember the centerpiece doesn't have to be big to add drama.

By placing potted herbs with the birch tree painting it's suddenly like you're having an indoor picnic. You can almost feel the warm summer sun on your back as you relax and sip your wine.

Notice how the red and orange colors bring energy to the table. Can you feel your personality responding to the liveliness of the color red? If yes, the colors in your art may be ... small, yet have a big impact on you.

Mix textures for added drama for small art = big impact.

Does your personality like excitement? Then you'll probably like texture.

Textures of satin, smooth, nubby, glossy, and even patterns are sure to perk up your home decor.

On the bookshelves below, the balance of color and texture adds energy to your small space in a big way.

Original bright colorful floral watercolors by Kate Moynihan artist
Rough and smooth textures along with the floral pattern watercolor paintings add interest to the shelves. (Framed florals by Kate Moynihan)

Texture continues to add interest to pint-size art, letting your personality come alive. The smooth leaves of the philodendron plant adds contrast to the thick, rough TEXTURE of the palate knife strokes in original oil painting by Kate.

Small art makes big impact

This time by pairing patterns in the purple print chair, and the simple winter landscape art lets your personality shine. This basic blue-violet color scheme and neutral browns let's all the texture take the action of your personality!

Color is played down, texture is played up! Notice the variety: sleek polished gold lamp, rough barn-wood mirror, velvety pillow, thick-texture original oil painting by Kate.

Tucking art in bookshelves emphasizes your personality, not just from your favorite titles, but from color and images ... all in one.

Enjoy how home accessories and art reflects your personality!

Remember small art = big impact!

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