5 Ways to Nurture the Power of Nature

Updated: Feb 13

When was the last time you took a break?

It sounds so easy. Yet juggling home commitments and job responsibilities all maximize your day, your energy.

So how do you get more stamina?

1. Take in the Oxygen

Deep-breathing increases circulation and stimulates energy.

Better yet, take 5 minutes and step outside. Breathe in not only the oxygen, but notice the scents.

In the shadows, let yourself breathe in the cooler, almost damp-tinged air. In the warmth of the sun, inhale the hotter molecules letting the tiny pinpricks explode in your lungs. Feel alive!

This simple act of deep-breathing will rejuvenate you, clear your mind, and fill you with energy.

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2. Surround Yourself with Plants

From my days working on the cancer treatment wing of the hospital as a registered nurse, I witnessed the benefits of plants and flowers.

The fresh green not only perked up the color of the sterile room, the color brightened patient’s attitude. Plants also oxygenate air, increase humidity, and absorb toxins.

In your home and office, plants will boost productivity, concentration, and creativity.

Fill your room with a dozen of these stress relievers and relax!

BONUS TIP: caring for others, even plants, is a mood elevator. Altruism is the best feel-good medicine.

3. Get a Room with a View to Maximize the Benefits of Nature

Plunk yourself in a spot with a view of nature.

Even if it’s not your normal desk, that’s okay.

By changing things up, we stimulate our minds. Change pushes us to view things from a different perspective.

Sign up for that idle conference room, and take your laptop to a room with a view. If your home is nestled among a tight subdivision, pack up your paperwork, hand-sewing repairs, or other small tasks and plunk yourself in a quiet space with view. Most libraries have window views.

Last week I gathered my supplies and shared a friend’s studio space. Not only great company … the natural daylight and view were uplifting.

BONUS TIP: If moving isn’t an option, change the light bulbs.

Today, the options in light bulb technology are incredible. It’s worth the exploration: Benefits of Daylight Bulbs in Your office.

4. Schedule a Retreat or Vacation to Enjoy the Power of Nature

Plan ahead.

Nothing perks up an attitude than the anticipation of a pleasant experience.

Mark your count-down calendar for the next sunny room with a view, or better yet, schedule a trip to let the sand squish between your toes, and the piney scent of evergreens tickle your nose!

BONUS TIP: Short on time?

Be a tourist in your own hometown. Find new paths to hike. You’d be surprise what you can enjoy just around the corner.

BONUS - BONUS TIP: Create a private Pinterest nature board.

Keep the Pinterest window minimized on your computer screen, and at any point, simply open, and take a deep breath. Enjoy the mini getaway.

5. Hang art and benefit from Landscape Paintings

This is my favorite way to rejuvenate.

Art has the power to move and stimulate.

It’s an investment that will reward you, moment after moment, day after day ...

Blend outdoor nature and indoor art to invigorate.

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