Try this trick for a put-together home, balance color with neutrals.

Updated: Jun 3

I spent a day at the beach with my grandkids, and I'm telling you, it was better than winning the lottery! Snapping a hundred photos reminded me how special every moment can be. Even now, my heart picks up a beat from the memories.

Beyond the clicks of your camera, art, too, can capture memories and mood.

'Shoreline Shadows' - 16"h x 20"w by Kate Moynihan

Yet, when you get a new painting home, you sometimes wonder... What now?

You love the painting, purchased it and were over the moon all the way home. But as soon as you enter your home, you're not sure where to place it, if it matches, what to do. Here's a simple trick...

'Row of Birds' Glicee by Kate Moynihan

Balance Color with Neutrals

If your art is bold, accessorize with neutrals.

Craving more energy in your sunroom, you bought a colorful piece of art. Yet how do you keep the focus on these flashy birds without adding too much color? Neutral accessories will let the art pop, becoming the focal point.

Or you've purchased a new painting because the wintry scene triggers a youthful memory. You can't quite remember if it snowed for 6 days or you were 6 when it snowed, but you recall the magic. Being the first one to dance in the flakes. Neutral art fits nicely in a room with bold colors, or on color-painted walls.

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Style Harmony using ... one basic rule of three.

"We recently received a small watercolor painting from our new daughter-in-law so we wanted to hang it appropriately on a smaller space in our sunroom. Thanks for the good’s a great resource to refer to future “hangings” as well!" - Connie

Enjoy playing around with colors and the placement of your art!

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