There’s always one.

That first tree that turns its color while the other trees stay green.


At 68, I still feel like that one tree, turning its color, questioning if I’m turning at the right time, going the right way, when everyone else isn’t.


But who’s to decide what’s the “right” way?


Sure going with-the-flow is easier, but since I left nursing and became an artist 30 years ago my mission has been to say: I tried.


So as I look at this early turning tree, brilliant with its reds, while all the others are green, I realize it doesn’t matter if it’s changing at the right time, it’s beautiful the way it is. 


I hope this one red tree inspires you, too, and know you’re on the right track, beautiful the way you are.


12 x 12" original oil painting. Ready to hang or be enhanced with a frame.

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'A Lone Tree' - 12 x 12" canvas