Art is as soothing as an orange sherbet sunset

I’m a Michigan native, growing up in Redford Township. It’s a part of the Detroit city sprawl on the east side of the state. In the 70s, friends from nursing school introduced me to west Michigan with its mountain-size sand dunes and ocean-size great lake. Every time I catch sight of it, my mouth drops open in amazement as the sunsets sparkle across the lake like a scoop of orange sherbet!

Heavenly, I thought.


Then in the early 90s, I lived in North Dakota where the prairie is as vast as Lake Michigan. It captures a different type of sunset. When the sun sinks on the horizon it casts long luscious shadows filled with color across the plains.


I hope you get lost in the beauty of the Midwest.


The art wraps around the deep 2" canvas.

36 x 36"


Available at Lake Effect Gallery, 16W 8th Street, Holland, Michigan.

I can take payment for you here, and can if neededk get you a quote for shipping.

'In the Shadows' - 36" square - canvas