‘Dry Beach Day’ is the name my sons called the effects of the powerful waves that’d blow across Lake Michigan from the north. With a mighty force the waves churned up the water and turned the lake into a giant ice cube.


No swimming for the young tykes when the northern wind blew as their feet would turn blue with one toe dip.


Whereas a 'Wet Beach Day' was their slang for the opposite. When the wind gently blew from the southwest, it’d push the warm top-water towards shore, and the boys would swim until their fingers shriveled.


When we moseyed back to the campsite, my dad would tease the boys looking at their fingers and then guessing which way the wind blew.


'Dry Beach Day' is in honor of my Dad.


Original oil – 16 x 16”

Art is ready to hang or be enhanced with a frame.

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'Dry Beach Day' 16 x 16" - canvas