Quiet and subtle. That’s what I like about these soft reflections. I have a friend like this, Donna. She’s quiet and subtle, hanging back, listening, rather than my first reaction. I’m always ready for what’s next.


It’s a gift to be subtle, in life, in art.


Yet, in this painting, beyond the soft colors, there are contrasts. You’d never notice the birch if it wasn’t for their bark. It takes a boldness to be noticed.


The key is to find the balance between subtle and bold, in art, in life.

Let ‘Winter Reflections’ help you find balance. Enjoy it in your home.


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Original oil on canvas filled with texture from a palette knife technique.

Painting is ready to be hung,  or enhanced with a frame.


Available at Lake Effect Gallery, 16W 8th Street, Holland, Michigan.

I can take payment for you here, and can if neededk get you a quote for shipping.



'Quiet Reflections' -30h x 24"w - canvas