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Are Your Personal Boundaries Boxing
You In?

By breaking through a dominant social stereotype etched in Kate’s mind, she left her traditional role as a nurse to being an artist owning a million-dollar art gallery business.


By paralleling the four stages of artist, Kate offers you three action steps that will leave you with the confidence to reach personal victories and goals, small or life-changingly large.

The Art of Embracing Change in Your Life 

What will inspire you to finally muster your inner courage? In this compelling, highly personal presentation, successful artist and businesswoman Kate Moynihan explains how she dealt with three common reactions to crisis and change: regret, jealousy, anger.

Kate draws parallels using an important artistic rule and then shares four practical tips so you can be proactive and ready for change in a positive way.

How Color Sparks


A string of personal failures and a sense of humiliation can be hard for anyone.


Kate overcame these doubts, and insecurities by combining her career as a nurse with her artistic and business talents to create a million-dollar art gallery retail business.

Drawing upon her dual education, Kate inspires her audience with insight into color psychology, then shares 4 motivational tips for boosting confidence and creativity.

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More about Kate


In your life journey or career, how many rules have you bent along the way? For Kate it’s been quite a few.

In her thirties, she was uprooted from family to face rejection and embarrassment. Alone, essentially for the first time, she only had herself to rely on for survival. To move forward, she had to stop being a people pleaser.

From nurse to artist to 25-year veteran art gallery owner, in downtown Holland, Michigan, Kate has most recently moved on from the gallery, penned my memoir, and schedule public speaking engagements.

Kate's presentation was informative for a wide cross-section of listener types ... from the casual audience member wanting entertainment to eager listener who hopes you have something of substance and universal value.

Mark Lewison, Director Hope College Writing Center

Kate's tenacity, ownership, and passion for life during her personal storms help us find our inner strength and resolve.

Helen Heneveld, CEO Bedrock Learning.

Kate Moynihan engages an audience and keeps them wanting more. She’s skilled in speaking to the level of her listeners and can adapt to the pulse of the room. Audience participation had parents captivated and kids giggling.

Rachael Brown, Principal, Pinewood Elementary, Jenison, Michigan

20 - 50 minute Presentations

Available for questions and answers, and book signings