Program Titles

  • Embrace Change  - Discover a simple formula to help you conquer challenges.

  • 3 R’s: Realistic. Re-group. Request - Words to inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals

  • 4 Benefits of Being Confident, and How to get there.

From experience as an artist, business owner, and parent … I know deep in my bones that the challenges of daily life can drain your spirit and soul. By sharing my personal and professional journey, I use my memoir, A Lone Birch, as a springboard to challenge and motivate you to peel away the layers, bend beyond your boundaries, and grow to new heights. I add a quick art reference which makes the talk more intriguing and unique.

I would love to reach out and share my experiences with your group.

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More about me


The tidbits and trivia about life as a professional painter add flair and inspiration to my talks. You'll discover my artistic take on life to be motivating and energizing, adding spark to your day. Or maybe spurring you to go for your dreams. I also draw upon experiences from my previous nursing career as well as my motherly life.


Supporting this uplifting story is my memoir:

A Lone Birch: My Artistic Journey

I have also written three kid's chapter books inspired from real-life adventures with my young sons.

Kate's presentation was informative for a wide cross-section of listener types ... from the casual audience member wanting entertainment to eager listener who hopes you have something of substance and universal value.

Mark Lewison, Director Hope College Writing Center

Kate's tenacity, ownership, and passion for life during her personal storms help us find our inner strength and resolve.

Helen Heneveld, CEO Bedrock Learning.

Kate Moynihan engages an audience and keeps them wanting more. She’s skilled in speaking to the level of her listeners and can adapt to the pulse of the room. Audience participation had parents captivated and kids giggling.

Rachael Brown, Principal, Pinewood Elementary, Jenison, Michigan

20-40 minute Presentations

Available for questions and answers, and book signings